Our DKSS (Digital Karaoke Search System) supports CompuHost Version 1.81.xx and higher up to V2.  Please be sure to download and test it with your system configuration and version of CompuHost before purchasing.  If you have questions or problems, please contact us using the "Contact Tab" above.

If you don't have the latest public release of CompuHost, visit:


We recommend you test your version of CompuHost with the DEMO before making a purchase in order to make sure it works properly.  We do not offer refunds since we do offer a DEMO.

If you have problems importing/exporting data, please check first that you have CompuHost Version 1.81.00 or higher first, then, feel free to contact us for help.

No Known Bug Issues at this time (3/19/2013)
While believe this program will work with Windows 10, we have not tested it yet.  If you have downloaded the demo and it works on Windows 10, please feel free to let us know it's working.

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