Thank you for your interest in our Exclusive Digital Karaoke Search System.  This is a specialized Karaoke Search program designed for use with CompuHost Computerized Karaoke Hoster.  It was designed however with the Karaoke Singers in mind...

Have you ever been at a gig and had singers come up and ask you, “What songs do I have in my list?”, or, “What did I sing last Saturday?”

Have you ever been at a gig, and you had your karaoke books out on the tables, but you still keep getting singers coming up and asking you questions like, “Do you have such and such song, I don’t see it in the books…” or, “where is your newest music?”

Do your Singers ever complain that the books print is too small, it’s not easy enough to find songs quickly, they don’t know how to search thru the books, is it last name first, why are their so many duplicates?

The answer my friend is here:  The Exclusive Digital Karaoke Search System (DKSS).

It has all of the Search and History features CompuHost has; but is designed for the Public Singers!  THEY can now search for songs by artist, title, disc brand, even when they were added to your database (in order to find the newest added songs)…and it only takes them seconds, just like you…

Not only can they find songs from your CompuHost Database, they can also search their OWN SINGER HISTORY!  All of their songs are neatly and easily viewable from the SINGER HISTORY tab.  Everyone from all gigs are easy to find.  Any number of people, any number of songs… all organized…


Simply use the CompuHost export feature of the Singer History, and the Song List Database…. Copy the 2 files to the same folder as our program and you’re done.  It’s that easy!

This program is designed small and can be put on average computers/laptops.  You can purchase a laptop from eBay for less than $100.00 that will run our program (See program requirements under Download Demo tab).  No more re-printing books for updates and printing special singer histories for your regulars.  You can still use your books too, but give those who enjoy computer technology a chance to use technology as it was intended!  Quick and efficient!!

Simply leave some slips next to the computer you use with this program.  Then, have them fill out slips just as they would for the books, only difference is, they can do it much quicker and easier.  If they are “Regulars” and have a Singer History, they can easily view the songs they want to sing “Next” and tell you, without wasting time asking you first right before they come up to the stage (which so many do)…


With the purchase of our program, you will receive Minor Upgrades FREE (ie: 1.xx.xx).  Major upgrades (ie: 2.xx.xx) will be offered at a discount.  As always, we will take suggestions to improve the program.  Each registered program will be customized with your own Logo, Company Name, and company contact information. Once it's been customized, you will receive a download link (Please allow up to 72 hours [during normal business days/hours] for customization to complete.)  You are allowed to put it on AS MANY Computers as YOU OWN FOR YOUR COMPANY.  It is NOT allowed to be distributed to other karaoke host companies or any other member not working directly for your company.

This program does not offer a print or export feature at this time; it was created to replace costly traditional karaoke books that need constant repair and replacement.

A demo is available so you can try before you buy.  Check the Download Demo Tab above.  If you have questions, feel free to email us at:

Please note:  Even though this program was designed for CompuHost, it may also work with OTHER Karaoke Hosters (provided they can export information in the "proper" format... for more information or questions, contact us...

SALE PRICE: $69.99 (Standard Background & Text Colors)

Retail Price: $79.99

Please use the "Contact Us" email/link above for all sales and help inquiries.

*Upgrades are offered free only if bugs are found OR if added features are added from customer suggestions.  Customization additions or changes to your DKSS (which may include but not be limited to, phone, website, email, color/text, and logo changes.) require a change fee of $9.99

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